General Contracting

As general contractors Albo Caribbean can oversee and coordinate an entire project from start to finish. Often times looking deeper within the design of a project and exercising the feasibility and efficiency when matching one or more plans. The project doesn’t only have to look great; the schematics have to make sense. Albo Caribbean has headed up challenging projects successfully by being extremely hands on, involved and reliable.

Especially when working with large team finding the right partners for the task at hand include finding the best subcontractors for electrical, plumbing, security, mechanical, technology and other fields of expertise for that specific project. The complete project coordination and precise, meticulous and calculated way the different subcontractors work together is the very basis for a successful execution of any large-scaled construction project.

The subcontractors must work under difficult deadlines to contribute their part and deliver on time, in order to lay the groundwork for the next phase to be realized. Only if and when the teams work collectively towards one goal and are professionally led throughout the entire course of the project can the project be successfully executed and completed.


Pre Construction Service

The forming of a construction team is a time proven method to control the entire value chain within a construction. By forming a team that consists of the architect, engineer, advisors, and general contractor we can work together from day one to assist our clients in realizing their goals.

All core disciplines combined in one team means we can control time, budget and quality for our customers throughout the entire process. One of our keys is to ensure that we reach our goal by utilizing LEAN process management principles. The elimination of waste is the key in our approach to doing business. We do things right the first time!

To summarize the added value for you, our client, lies within the following:
• A shared and clear goals for the entire construction team;
• Optimal process control;
• Total quality control;
• A clear and interactive development of project costs;
• Competitive pricing;
• Full assistance in dealing with all regulations and permit issues.

As Albo Caribbean we feel that by joining our clients in all phases of construction we can utilize all of our skills and together with our partner companies, guarantee costumer satisfaction throughout the entire process.


Design & Build

Albo Caribbean can also assist the client with Design and Build projects. For commercial and residential projects a complete coordination from start to completion is highly recommended whereby the Albo Caribbean will together with the client optimize the design and realization of a project. With the comprehensive knowledge in the field of construction, supported by a great network of partner companies, Albo Caribbean can execute the project according to the specifications stipulated by the client, whereby the design & construction would be combined.
Design and build can appeal to clients as it gives a single point of responsibility for delivering the entire project.


Support Partner Companies

With a large group of professional companies in several areas of expertise Janssen de Jong has the skills, knowledge and resources needed to initiate, plan and execute a project of any scale.


Project Development

The company has years of experience in the development of entire residential areas from concept planning to construction. Collaborating with architects considering various aspects and doing extensive market research prior to finalizing a design that will fit the demands and lifestyles of potential buyers. Projects are always designed based on practicality and logic, taking into account factors like wind, temperature and a view. 

By applying years of experience and thorough knowledge, we have been able to respond quickly and accurately to the needs and demands of its customers and the developments within the housing market. Over the years we have proven our ability to develop and complete both small and large-scale projects.
We’ve invested time and effort in close collaboration and strong relations with (local) governments, neighboring residents and future owners and/or users.
All parties involved in these projects including the location itself dictate certain demands that can only be realized by consistently developing projects at high levels of quality. Each project is unique and the development process is carefully defined from start to finish.