On august 13, 2020, Eigen Woning Plan celebrated the official groundbreaking of the “Flor Tropikal” project at Montaña Abou with the Minister of Traffic, Transport & Urban Planning of the Government of Curacao, Mrs. Zita Jesus-Leito.

Architectural firm AEC from Curacao designed the houses. The starting point is the basic home, which can easily be expanded, if desired, with an extra bedroom and / or bathroom and a larger living room. This way, people can easily let the house “grow” to best fit their family situation. The design of the houses is contemporary, modern and has a unique color scheme based on the plant after which they are named.

The different types of homes are named after native plant species of Curacao and have the appropriate names Kibra Hacha, Wayaka, Trinitaria and Faya Lobi.

The houses will be built along the new infrastructure to be built and will be placed on the new lots in various ways. This creates a pleasant neighborhood and each home has its unique location and view.