FOD walk

airport_cleanWillemstad – The FOD Walk, an extra-ordinary exercise to ensure a safe runway and promote airport safety awareness, was held Friday afternoon at the Jet Centre Curaçao. The FOD Walk participants were cheered on by FODDIE, the airport awareness mascot.

On Friday April 22nd 2016 Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), Jet Centre Curaçao (JCC) and Curaçao Air Terminal Services (CATS) united and formed a group of 60 participants that conducted a FOD Walk at Jet Centre Curaçao next to Curaçao International Airport.
The goal of a FOD Walk is to promote airport safety awareness by having a larger group than usual check the airport runway for ‘Foreign Object Debris’ (FOD), meaning objects that have no place on the runway and that may cause harm to people and aircrafts. The FOD Walk takes place 4 times a year during the day when there’s little air traffic. The FOD WALK was led by FOD Manager Raymond Lichtenberg and supported by Operations Officer Derren La Pas.

Foreign Object Debris:
Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) controls if there’s FOD on the runway of Curaçao International Airport and Jet Centre Curaçao every day. Objects labeled as FOD are among others pieces of paper, loose vegetation, tools or pebbles.